The creative director of 2K / DENMARK company, Thomas Silkjer, said that as a result of the hacker attack, GateHub users lost 23 million Ripple XRP tokens (approximately $ 9.6 million at the current rate).

According to Silkiera, 80-90 user wallets were cracked in the course that began on June 1, and as a result, 23,200,000 XRPs were sent to 12 addresses. It soon became clear that out of this amount, 13.1 million XRP were on various exchanges and transaction mixing services.

“The attacker has received significant amounts from several XRP accounts. They were probably managed through, ”said Silkjer.

Below is a diagram of the movement of the stolen funds:

Yellow color indicates wallets used for digital currency, blue is the victim, red is the wallets of the intruders. Image source.

It is currently unknown how hackers attacked the service. Representatives of GateHub confirmed the problem, but could not provide more detailed information.

Recall that as a result of the March hacking of 20 million XRP and 3 million EOS, the large South Korean stock exchange Bithumb lost.

A theft that involves multiple victims needs to be handled via law enforcement in various countries. KYCBench strongly advise all victims to file a complaint with relevant authorities in their jurisdictions.

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